I am making a complete guide about how to successfully approach women. When I say complete, I am talking about how to open a conversation all the way through how to have sex with a woman.
 It will include almost everything that I know but it will also focous on building a lifestyle that will make you improve yourself as a man. Fashion guides, fitness guides, body language guides, etc. will be included as well.
 This guide will be called “The Vampire Method" and I will give it for free to everyone who will promote this guide.

 You can print the logo on your t-shirts, make fan signs, body signs, and everything you do to support my work.
 Women : Whoever promotes my Vampire Method will get one special solo blog promotion on my site. I will promote you one time for each photo that you send me. So if you send me 3 photos, I will promote you 3 times for example.

Anonymous: Do you have specific photo poses that you would prefer? What are poses that you do not want?

Every pose would be good as soon as the letters are visible, etc.

holamellamopiscinadelamuerte: Just one thing. Your vampire method by zef palmer, the logo; specifically the word "vampire", it looks exactly like the one they use in the vampire diaries. Are you aware that could cause some copyright issues?

The world “Vampire” is remade from the logo of the Vampire Diaries. How could that cause any copyright issues when I haven’t earned any money from this? My whole method is around the Vampire Diaries and I thought it would be a good idea to somehow promote their work. Do you think it’s so hard to write the world “Vampire” with a nice font and save it as a .jpg?

Anonymous: where can I send you the photos? ^.^"

You can send it to my tumblr, by clicking here : MensBlog.tumblr.com/submit
If this is not a comfortable way for you, I also have a kik. Username : ZefPalmer
The last way is to send your photos on my e-mail : ZefMensBlog@gmail.com

Make sure to write me your blog’s url so I can promote you :)

I need models to promote my new guide called “The Vampire Method”

I want women to make sexy body signs with the following words :
"The Vampire Method by Zef Palmer"
You can also make it a bit classier by taking normal photos wearing a t-shirt with my logo printed on it.

Any artistic, sexy, classy photo that I will get, it will be uploaded to my blog. I can add your url so you will get promoted to nearly 10k followers, or I can make a new post promoting your blog so people will not get to understand if the photo was yours in case you want to remain anonymous.

Everybody who will promote my guide will get it first before it comes out and completely for free.

(Source: MensBlog)